MTO trunksThe Leviton Data Center Factory in Glenrothes manufactures customized network infrastructure products, including pre-terminated cabling and cassettes. These make-to-order products reduce labor expenses, provide guaranteed performance, and offer faster network deployment in the most demanding data center network environments.

Building the exact solution for a network is quicker and easier than ever thanks to our online custom configurators, which you can use to specify the exact requirements for your pre-terminated copper or fiber trunks, array cords, and harnesses, as well as HDX, HI-DEX, and e2XHD cassettes. Copper e2XHD cassettes include Atlas-X1 jacks.

  • Quick order turnaround and fast delivery with UK manufacturing
  • Guaranteed high performance with pre-tested factory terminations
  • Reduce onsite labor for field terminations and testing
  • Faster network deployment to get new equipment online sooner and minimize downtime
  • Less wasted material and easier job site clean-up

Leviton adheres to the Construction Product Regulation (CPR) guidance provided by Europacable. Their recommendations can be found at:  For all solid conductor copper and fiber solutions manufactured by Leviton, the CPR classification only for the cable products in LSHF/LSZH cable assemblies intended to be permanently fixed within a building is provided on the product label.


For project installations requiring LSHF/LSZH/CPR-rated cabling, select a product below »
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