e2XHD Patching System for High Density Enterprise and Data Center

The e2XHD fiber and copper patching system is an easy-to-connect, high-density solution for enterprise and data center applications, where fast deployment and simple maintenance are critical. The system includes high-density panels, copper and fiber snap-in cassettes, and accessories for additional cable protection and management.

The e2XHD cassettes quickly snap in and pull out of the panels, making installation, moves, adds, and changes easier than ever. Copper cassettes use field terminated connectors, while fiber cassettes are pre-terminated for fast deployment and assured high performance. Panel covers and cassette blanks offer extra protection from dust and damage.

  • Panels allow a mix-and-match of Leviton fiber and copper shielded and unshielded snap-in cassettes
  • e2XHD fiber cassettes feature an MTP® adapter that swivels to three positions for easier cable routing to eliminate cable tension and ensure proper bend radius
  • MTP cassettes provide a simple migration path to 40G or 100G networks, are pre-terminated, and are available in 12 or 24 fibers, OM3, OM4, or single mode
  • Copper cassettes are available empty for field termination

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