To make sure we hit our CSR
targets, we have developed a
blueprint for sustainable
business improvement

Our sustainable business improvement programme incorporates six key processes:

  • Carbon management
  • Waste reduction and pollution prevention
  • Waste recycling
  • Energy management and reduction
  • Use of raw materials
  • Social environment (safe working facilities, incident management and ill health prevention)

And of course, we always focus on areas of the business where change can have the biggest impact.

Click here to read more about our Twenty Step strategy.

Expand the sections below to learn more:

Governance and Ethics

Ethical policies - and how they permeate the business - are hugely important in defining any business. It’s no different with us.


Our green credentials matter to us. When it comes to sustainability, every single employee has a role to play.


When you strive to create the best products in the most efficient way possible, there are often positive knock-on effects on sustainability.


We provide development opportunities. We reward achievement. And we regularly engage with our stakeholders.

Health & Safety

From the marketing office to the manufacturing plant, a safe working environment for all employees is a non-negotiable.

Supply Chain

We form partnerships with businesses whose environmental and ethical standards sync with ours.

Local Communities

It’s true. Building a better tomorrow begins today. We regularly donate to charities and actively participate in community projects.


As a member of the Institute of Customer Service our customers can expect an exceptional experience - every time.

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