Flexible and dependable infrastructure to support the demands of healthcare today

With the dual drivers of increasing patient safety and quality of care, in addition to the European Community’s initiatives to accelerate the development of the e-health market in Europe there is massive pressure on healthcare IT professionals to implement higher and higher bandwidth critical infrastructure projects against an ever more rapidly changing and uncertain set of requirements - All during a time when budgets are becoming tighter.

IT professionals need to know they are partnering with an infrastructure provider that not only understands how many different directions they are being pulled in but also knows how to design networks to cope with that conundrum. As a trustworthy and reliable infrastructure provider, Brand-Rex has a long track record in designing networks for everything from intensive care to operating theatres and from the biggest super-hospital new builds and upgrades to neighbourhood clinics and satellite healthcare outposts. 

Choosing the right partner with the knowledge and experience to support your exact requirements will help solve the need for flexibility and future-proofing against a backdrop of uncertain, ever-changing and growing demands together with increasingly stricter requirements for manageability and audit ability.

Brand-Rex has the knowledge, experience and solutions to support the most sophisticated mission critical data networks. Whether it is high speed, reliable robust connectivity within the operating theatre or high bandwidth applications such as CT scanning and MRI imagery – Brand-Rex solutions deliver a capability to support the needs of today and tomorrow and all at the lowest reasonable cost.