Atlas-X1™ Cat 6A Shielded System

The Atlas-X1 Cat 6A Shielded system is a secure, high-end structured cabling system designed for mission-critical 10GBASE-T applications with data centre channel configurations from 9 to 100 meters. Ideal for environments where electromagnetic/radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) may be present, the system delivers industry-leading performance and protection across networks that require greater security and EMI/RFI immunity.

The Atlas-X1 Cat 6A Shielded system is a feature-rich solution, delivering:

  • High density with a short-depth connector for better bend radius
  • Advanced features (icons, solid metal body, shutters) for clear network identification and protection
  • Unified form factor and termination style for easy migration
  • Industry-leading, component-rated performance that exceeds established standards
  • Third-party verified to exceed all component, permanent link, and channel margins
  • Thirteen color options for greater network planning flexibility
  • Limited lifetime warranty to protect your investment and provide peace of mind

Atlas-X1 Cat 6A Shielded System Elements  

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