Enterprise Network & Cabling Solutions

Copper Cabling Systems

Brand-Rex Copper Cabling systems are available in the following ranges, GigaPlus, Cat6Plus, 10GPlus and U-MediaPlus, and are engineered to offer guaranteed standards compliant performance.

Data Centres

Dynamic high performance and sustainable datacentre solutions

Fibre Optic Cable Systems

FibrePlus is a comprehensive range of premium conventional and air blown fibre optic cabling systems. The full range includes low fire hazard, halogen free and high performance tight buffered and loose tube cables, a comprehensive range of connectors, adaptors, pigtails and fibre optic patch cables.

Racks & Cabinets

The Brand-Rex data centre cabinets and racks range offers the ultimate solution for management of fibre and copper in data centres and telecoms rooms. The unique, flexible and effective range is the ideal solution to support the mission critical applications of the modern day data centre.