Pre-Terminated Fibre Systems

The Brand-Rex MT Connect range offers a flexible high performance, modular system ideally suited to the general office and data centre. The solution allows for faster installation of backbone cabling links and aids the install of horizontal fibre to the desk. The range is equally suited to the data centre where multiple, point to point, fibre connections between distribution racks and equipment racks can be quickly and efficiently installed, maintained and changed as required.

MT Connect is based on MT ferrule connector technology.  MT ferrule is the building block of the system, accommodating up to 12 fibres in a single ferrule. Arrays are made of a precision moulded thermoplastic and use metal guide pins, precise housing dimensions and keying to ensure fibre alignment and maintenance of polarity when mating.

Both the MTP® and MPO systems comprise of cable and breakout assemblies, patch panels, cassettes and accessories. Available in high performance grade Multimode and Singlemode fibre and paired with low loss connectors, the system offers designers the flexibility to incorporate multiple connectors in cabling links whilst meeting demanding optical budgets and ensuring an upgrade path to accommodate the future speeds and technologies of tomorrow.

MT Connect is available in OM3, OM4 or Singlemode performance grade cabling and comprises a set of parts which enable any configuration of link to be simply and quickly built.

MT Connect - Panels